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Dr.Web bot for Telegram

  • The first anti-virus bot for checking links and files on-the-fly
  • Works on any device that has Telegram installed on it, PCs, mobile devices, and even via the web version in your browser
  • Virtually invisible with regards to system load and resource consumption

How does it work?

  • Find the Telegram account @DrWebBot (or go to telegram.me/drwebbot) ) and send it a file or a link. The bot will check it for viruses and report on the results.
  • Checks links and files in both a private dialogue (send suspicious content directly to the bot, or send it a message received from other users) and a group conversation — if you add the bot to a conversation, it will scan all the files and links within it.
  • Learn about all the features of the bot, using the /help command. The bot is available in two modes: quiet and standard. The default mode is standard: the bot responds to every file or link and determines whether they are safe. In a group conversation, emails from the bot can interfere with normal communication so it is better to use the quiet mode which is when the bot only warns users if a file or a link in a chat room contains a threat. Use the /mode command to select the mode you want.
  • The bot can communicate with a user in Russian, English or German. Use the /lang command to select the language you need..


The bot is not a replacement for an anti-virus: it will not be able to scan a phone or a PC, prevent malware from being downloaded or cure a device that is already infected. For full protection, install the Dr.Web anti-virus appropriate to your operating system or mobile platform.

Try Dr.Web in action — Get 3 months of free protection

Still not ready to switch to Dr.Web?

Then take advantage of Dr.Web KATANA
as an additional layer of anti-virus protection

  • A non-signature anti-virus offering preventive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and infiltration attempts that take advantage of vulnerabilities (including zero-day ones) that your anti-virus can’t detect.
  • The most lightweight non-signature anti-virus for desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets running Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista SP2/XP SP2+ (32/64-bit)
  • Does not conflict with third-party anti-viruses

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